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Check out these Spring beard care tips for men in Bristol

A new season is here, and the team at Franco’s Barbering Lounge on Gloucester Road have some Spring beard care tips for men in Bristol.

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When it comes to managing a beard, there’s much more involved than just keeping it clean. Beard care should be an integral part of a full grooming regime every day.

Beards also need different types of care in different seasons of the year.

Some clients visit our Bristol barber salon having attempted DIY beard grooming, beard shaping or beard trimming with results they are far from happy with.

As experts in beard care for men in Bristol, we always recommend that clients come to us first for all their beard grooming needs. It saves them time and money.

Beards have been on-trend and popular for some time now, and this shows no sign of changing. Beard care for men in Bristol is still growing and expanding in demand.

The most important part of any beard grooming service is the consultation process.

Our Bristol barbering experts all provide a full and free beard consultation, as well as advising on the best beard shape for a client’s face, jawline, and head shape.

Some clients are unsure what look will work best for them when it comes to wearing a beard and moustache, and we can guide and advise them.

Beards can be awesome for hiding a prominent Adam’s Apple, a double chin, or a scar on the neck. Our team of beard groomers in Bristol will create the perfect shape.

Beard care is not something to consider once every few months.

The best beard grooming is when it’s done as part of a daily regime, along with hair care, skincare and hair styling routines.

Check out this recent blog to get some of our very best beard care tips for men in Bristol.

With warmer weather on the way, many clients are asking how to manage beard weight in Spring and Summer – visit here to find out more.

Beard grooming products are vital when it comes to maintaining good beard care – visit here to see our favourite beard grooming products.

To book with one of our Gloucester Road barbers in Bristol for your next beard care visit, beard trimming appointment, beard shaping booking, or beard pampering experience with us, please visit here.

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