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Who are the best barbers in Bristol?

Many new clients visiting Franco and the team for the first time often ask who are the best barbers in Bristol.

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We think there are a few key elements that are vital when it comes to ensuring clients are given access to the best barbers in Bristol. These factors make or break the client journey in-salon, as well as bringing existing clients back, time after time.

Franco and the team have been working hard to provide a high-quality men’s hairdressing service on Gloucester Road for all clients. Here’s how we do it:


Men’s hair consultations are the starting point for every great client experience with our barbers in Bristol. Hair consultations are critical, and not just at the start of a visit.

A professional men’s hair consultation is a process that continues throughout the cut, not just a conversation at the start of the visit. it is a two-way, ongoing process.

Our Bristol barbers pride themselves on providing the best men’s hair consultations.

Visit here to find out what you should expect when you visit us.


We believe that providing clients with a consistent experience is essential.

Franco is a Master Barber and has been providing Bristol barbering and men’s hairdressing services on Gloucester Road for over 30 years. There is a level of consistency at Franco’s Barbering Lounge which is unrivalled in the city.

Consistency doesn’t happen by chance. Read this article to find out the difference between a good barber and a great barber.


Creativity in men’s hairdressing involves listening to the client and giving honest feedback about what can be delivered to them. Every client’s hair is different, and this means being honest and creative in delivering the very best look possible.

Franco and the team are some of the most creative barbers in Bristol, and this comes from years of training, experience and industry-level qualifications.

Check this out to see an awesome example of a men’s hair restyle, which showcases the creativity we provide.

If you’re looking for hair inspiration, hairstyling ideas, or the very latest men’s hair trends, visit our Bristol barber blog here.

To book with one of our barbers in Bristol, please visit here.

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