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Did you know we offer wedding makeovers for men in Bristol?

The team at Franco’s Barbering Lounge have been busier recently delivering wedding makeovers for men in Bristol. It’s not a service we shout about enough!

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We have been providing wedding hair services for men for years now – visit here to find out more and get free tips from our expert team.

In the last 12 months, there has been an increased demand to include beard grooming services with a wedding hair package for clients.

More clients are looking for wedding hair and beard care together as part of an overall wedding makeover service, and our Bristol barbers can deliver it all.

Having an awesome haircut on your wedding day is a given, but in the past many men in Bristol would simply go for a hot towel shave and have a clean-cut image.

There is a growing trend to retain a beard, albeit in a groomed, well-conditioned and perfectly shaped way for the special day.

Wedding day photos need to age well and retain a timeless, classic look over the years. It’s one time when a guy needs to be looking his best, and we can help.

One of the main benefits of booking in with us for a men’s wedding makeover in Bristol is the fact we take care of it all for you, meaning you don’t have to stress.

There are so many different elements to arrange and organise for a wedding day, the last thing anyone wants is to run around in the week leading up to the big day trying to organise wedding hair and get an unruly, frizzy beard in order.

Book well in advance and take advantage of our free and full wedding makeover consultation so that we can guide and advise you to create your perfect look.

It is advisable to work up to the preferred look over some time (weeks, possibly months) rather than try to create a stunning wedding makeover at the last minute.

We have been offering a comprehensive beard care package as a standalone service in Bristol, which has been incredibly popular. Find out more here.

If you’d like to book one of our Gloucester Road barbers for your Bristol wedding makeover, please visit here.

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