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Gloucester Road barber shares Bristol men's hair restyle tips for 2024

It’s the start of a new year. which means it’s time for Gloucester Road master barber Franco Lombardi to share men’s hair restyle tips for 2024.

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When it comes to a men’s hair restyle there are a few tried-and-tested things to remember. These elements will ensure an awesome hair restyle every time.

At Franco’s Barbering Lounge, we prioritize men’s hair consultations; this forms the backbone of every hair restyling service we provide to clients in Bristol.

A thorough men’s hair consultation will consider bespoke and specific factors for each client, such as hair type, face shape and head shape.

It is also vital to plan ahead with any type of men’s hair restyle.

If, for example, a client wanted to try a longer hair length style for a wedding or major event, we would advise planning ahead at least six months to give time for the hair to grow and be styled accordingly for the best results.

A great men’s restyle takes time, planning and careful collaboration between barber and client.

This is why hair consultations are so important to all of our Gloucester Road team.

Our barbers in Bristol also provide a tailor-made, bespoke men’s hair restyle.

Not every men’s hair restyle will be a drastic change using clippers. Some of our best hair restyling work is from using scissors and making small and subtle changes.

A men’s hair restyle can be with a softer finish not a complete restructuring.

Another element that is key for the successful delivery of a men’s hair restyle by our Gloucester Road barbers for clients is to consider changing hair products.

There can be a huge difference between using a pompadour pomade to give hair shine compared to using a matt clay spray for a simpler, natural finish.

We also review the hair condition as part of every men’s hair restyling appointment.

Dry hair with split ends will not look good after any restyling, so using superior hair care products such as Moroccan Oil to add moisture and nutrients makes a massive improvement to hair health before any cutting or styling commences.

It is also important to consider beards and moustaches when it comes to restyling for men, as a change in beard length can dramatically change a client’s look.

Check this out to see an example of one of our men’s hair restyles.

If you’re looking for hair inspiration, hairstyling ideas, or the latest men’s restyles, visit our Bristol barbers blog here.

To book with one of our Gloucester Road barbers in Bristol for your men’s hair restyle for 2024, please visit here.

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