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What is a men's maintenance haircut in Bristol?

One of the most popular services we provide clients is a Men’s Maintenance Haircut in Bristol.












A maintenance haircut for men at our Bristol barber salon provides clients with the opportunity to get a tidy-up without the cost of a full cut and restyle.

A Skin Fade hairstyle, for example, may need a tidy-up every 10-14 days, and a maintenance haircut provides a hassle-free option to trim the back and sides.

Our maintenance haircuts for men are not based on the length of hair.

The main point to remember is that a maintenance haircut will only focus on the back and sides.

It’s a great way to keep on top of hair growth while ensuring that your look stays sharp.

Our Bristol men’s hairdressers also provide full consultations on how to manage hair and the best products to use.

If a client is going to a wedding, opting for a maintenance haircut can give them a perfect freshen-up for a sharper haircut without the expense of a full cut.

Maintenance haircuts for men usually focus on clipper work, and are ideal for clients looking to stay on top of their hairstyling regime at a cheaper cost.

A maintenance haircut is also a good way of keeping in style as the warmer weather approaches and Summer holidays or weekends away are on the cards.

Our experienced and trained Gloucester Road barbers can provide maintenance haircuts for men with long or short hair.

To book your maintenance haircut, please visit here.

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To find out more about the full range of men’s hairdressing and men’s grooming services at our Bristol barber salon, simply get in touch via info@bristolbarber.com and mention this blog post.

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