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How to deal with common Summer hair problems for men in Bristol

The warmer drier weather is with us, and that means now is a good time to provide tips on how to deal with common Summer hair problems for men in Bristol.












At this time of year, many clients are outdoors for longer periods,  going to hotter climates on holiday, exposing their hair and scalps to more sunlight, sand, and chlorine from swimming pools, as well as general wear and tear over the Summer months.

Here are some of the most common Summer hair problems we encounter, and our advice on what to do about them:

Dry hair that sits limp and flat

Use EVO Salty Dog Spray to put life and moisture back into limp dry hair in Summer.

Work into the hair after shampooing, conditioning and styling. It is simple and easy to use, put on fingers and work in, then blow-dry lightly and tussle into place.

It gives a light hold, gives easy styling with a dry finish and keeps hair looking full-bodied in the sun. A truly awesome Summer hair product for men.

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Flyaway frizzy hair in Summer weather

Many clients complain of having flyaway and frizzy hair in the Summer after shampooing it. Fighting ‘big hair’ in hot weather can be a massive task.

Tame wild hair in the sun by applying Moroccan Oil. A few drops worked into the fingers and then applied to the hair will reduce frizz and give much-needed moisture in warmer weather. It is one of our best-selling anti-frizz products.

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Tangled, knotty hair after being in the sea

Clients spending more time in the sea can suffer from tangled, knotty and no shine.

Exercising outdoors in the Summer can also be tough on hair, especially if you have lighter, fine hair.

We recommend applying American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion. It’s soft, gentle and effective. Putting a light hold and moisture back when it’s most needed.

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