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The A-Z of managing curly hair for men in Bristol

We’ve had a number of clients asking about managing curly hair for men in Bristol, and our team of Gloucester Road barbers are always on hand to help.

Our Master Barber Franco delivered a series of awesome tips in a blog post last year on Men’s Curly Hair problems and how to remedy them.

We’ve got some more simple but effective hints from our Bristol barbering team to help clients manage their curly hair during the Spring and Summer.

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If your hair gets frizzy when it rains, or becomes unruly around any kind of moisture in the air it’s likely that you have curly hair to some extent.

We’ve had clients visiting our Gloucester Road men’s salon who didn’t realise they had a curl in their hair until having had one of our free hair consultations.

At Franco’s Barbering Lounge, the team make it a priority for clients to look after their curls.

How can men manage curly hair?

Some of our best advice when it comes to working with curly hair in men includes the following advice:

Don’t brush out curly hair when it’s dry

Don’t over-wash curly hair

Always use a diffuser to blow-dry curly hair

Use hair conditioning products on curly hair

Leave it longer on top for styling

Low skin fades work really well with curly hair

Use a razor to create texture with longer hair

Popular men’s hairstyles incorporating curly hair include an Undercut and Mullet

What are the best conditioning products for curly hair?

We recommend the following products in-salon for men with curly hair:

American Crew Moisturising Conditioner £13

EVO Hydrating Conditioner £21

Moroccan Oil (special offer now, get 125ml for only £32.95)

For styling curly hair, our barbers love the finish from EVO Liquid Rollers and Total Recoil both available for £21

To see our full range of available hair styling and hair conditioning products, please visit our online shop here.

If you’re unsure how to manage, style and condition your curly hair, book a free men’s hair consultation with our Gloucester Road team here.



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