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Men's hair and grooming trends in Bristol for 2022

It’s that time of year when our clients are asking us about the latest men’s hair and grooming trends in Bristol for 2022, and we have some awesome advice.

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In January, many clients consider flipping their look.

This could mean changing up their hair from long to short or altering their current look for something completely different.

When it comes to predicting men’s hair and grooming trends for 2022, our Bristol barbers on Gloucester Road tend to take a more bespoke approach.

Our thorough and free hair consultations open the client to whatever they might want to achieve for their hair styling and men’s grooming needs.

We have been seeing more men’s haircuts being focused on scissor work so far in 2022, with highly personalised service and less of the short back and sides that categorised last year in-between Covid-19 lockdowns.

A fully bespoke men’s haircut at our Bristol salon gives more flexibility for clients.

Each of our Gloucester Road barbers will check a client’s head shape, and provide a classy individual men’s hairstyling experience using scissors and a softer styling approach where required.

Natural haircuts for men have been really popular so far this month, and we see this men’s hair trend continuing into 2022.

We also recommend clients let their hair do what it wants to do.

So, if a client has fantastic curly hair, we will guide and advise them on how to get the very best look with naturally curly hair rather than fighting it and taming it.

Accentuating curls is easier to do at home, and this also gives the hair a better opportunity to shine, look awesome, and maintain better hair health when in its natural position.

In terms or men’s grooming trends for 2022 in Bristol, we have a few tried-and-tested suggestions for our clients.

Firstly, use Moroccan Oil for conditioning of all hair types and lengths.

For hair with flakes and greasy scalp, try an American Crew Detox Shampoo to break down the build-up and improve overall hair condition.

Curly hair can be brought fully to life with the application of EVO Total Recoil Curl Balm and Liquid Rollers. These curly hair products are amazing.

All of these products can be purchased here.

Short, cropped men’s hairstyles can be kept in check by applying Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay. This gives a short, choppy, textured look.

Beard grooming remains a hot topic in 2022 for our clients.

When clients come in for one of our unique Beard Grooming Experiences in Bristol they are often surprised to see that good beard grooming services do not rely on simply chopping it all off.

Far from it. we often use scissors to trim down an unruly beard and create a superb new defining shape for a client.

This can involve taking the sides in, trimming off thicker beard hairs, tidying up the sides and leaving the chin area with a slight definition for the jawline.

We have some awesome beard grooming products from Mariner Jack which are one of our favourite ranges of beard balms and beard oils.

These scented beard care products contain black pepper, sweet orange, frankincense and bergamot.

The beard oils add moisture and the beard balms control frizz.

We also stock Pompadour Combs for clients to take home and style their beards, as well as Round-Barrelled Brushes which are perfect for unbuckling kinks in beard hair. Simply ask in-salon on your next visit.

To contact us, simply get in touch anytime via info@bristolbarber.com.

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