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Getting the best men's grooming products in Bristol during lockdown

Although our Gloucester Road barbershop might be shut due to Covid-19 restrictions, we’re still getting the best men’s grooming products in Bristol to our awesome clients in lockdown.

Our online shop has only been live for less than six months, but the demand has increased week-on-week in lockdown.

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We have clients purchasing their favourite men’s grooming and men’s hair products from top brands such as American Crew, TIGI, Triumph & Disaster, EVO, Mariner Jack, Moroccan Oil and more.

The current lockdown has highlighted the importance of keeping hair well hydrated and in good condition, as well as taking care of beard hair and moustaches while we move towards our hopeful re-opening in early April.

Some of the best feedback we’ve had from clients in recent weeks has been the popularity of seeing Master Barber Franco Lombardi himself doing the weekly home deliveries of product orders across the city to clients’ homes.

Franco has been giving personalised hints and tips whilst dropping off product orders, whilst observing social distancing requirements and always in a mask.

Some clients are already on their second set of product orders during this lockdown, with some fantastic feedback on the Review section of our website.








The client above commented: “A few years ago I moved to Bristol, and I was struggling to find the right barber that could give me a strong haircut and keep my beard looking trim. The few places I’d visited were able to do one or the other, but Franco’s have got both down to a tee!”

“Now, while my beard game is strong, there’s a lot I haven’t learnt in the styling area – like how I can keep my tash curled neatly and long-lasting. Franco’s gave me tips and tricks that have worked a treat, and they’re still surprising me with useful tips here and there.”

“Even now with everything going on, I found I could get some top-notch products delivered right to the doorstep, and even then they’re happy to have a quick chat and compliment the beard game!”

See other awesome Bristol barber reviews received for our men’s hairdressing and men’s grooming services on Gloucester Road.

We also have some incredible half-price deals still available in Franco’s Lockdown Sale on a range of best-selling men’s hair and men’s grooming products available while stocks last.

To contact us with any queries you might have in lockdown about men’s grooming issues in Bristol, simply get in touch anytime via info@bristolbarber.com.

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