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Men’s Hairstyle of the Month – Step Haircut in Bristol

The recently-expanded team of men’s hairdressers at Franco’s Barbering Lounge have been delivering more creative cuts and awesome men’s hairstyles recently.

Including one of our most popular Summer Hairstyles – a Step Haircut in Bristol from our Gloucester Road men’s hair salon.

Step haircut in Bristol at Franco's Barbering Lounge












This signature hairstyle for men is a strong look, and the client pictured above knew exactly what they wanted. There was a thorough pre-hairstyling consultation, to ensure that the type of step haircut was the right one.

The client discussed different types of step hairstyling available, and we were able to confirm the right bespoke look and deliver it as required.

An extreme step haircut was wanted, and that was created by providing a strong look to the middle and end of the overall hairstyle.

Step Hairstyling in Bristol at Franco's Barbering Lounge












The side parting was a zero fade to the back and sides, with the main step hairstyling all clippered in. The side parting was worked on first, to a step line, shaved down to zero, then a tight skin fade to take away the edges.

There was also some razor work in the parting, with Reuzel Pomade being added to finish off the step hairstyle with a workable level of hold and texture.

Reuzel Matt Pomade in Bristol at Franco's Barbering Lounge












The total time in the chair for this example of Step Hairstyling was around 30 minutes, with the cut starting from £30, not including the cost of buying and taking away Reuzel Pomade.

To find out more about our Gloucester Road barber salon in Bristol, contact us here.

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