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Men’s Haircut of the Month in Bristol – Tight Skin Fade

The talented team of men’s hairdressers at Franco’s Barbering Lounge have been delivering a huge variety of top men’s haircuts on Gloucester Road, but one of our firm favourites remains the same every month – the Tight Skin Fade.

Tight Skin Fade men's haircut in Bristol at Franco's Barbering Lounge












This fine example of men’s hairdressing at our barber salon has undoubtedly been one of the top three men’s hairstyles in 2017 in Bristol.

It’s a classic haircut for men, and one which never goes out of style: if anything, this awesome piece of men’s hairstyling goes from strength to strength, and our clients continue to get superb Tight Skin Fade haircuts.

The example above is a great example, and the haircut goes like this:

Starting with a horseshoe section, to clipper cut the back and sides, graduating up to roughly a 1.5 length. There’s a heavy weight line, with the top being heavily textured.

The fringe is taken back, and our favourite men’s hair product on a Tight Skin Fade is EVO Cassius Styling Clay, as used in the example above.

The entire look is delivered usually within 30 minutes in the chair, and costs from £25. Any hair products are sold separately and are based on availability.

It’s a tight, close-cropped statement look, and guys love it. So do we!

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