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The benefits of fringe hairstyling for men in Bristol

One of the increasingly popular services we offer at Franco’s Barbering Lounge is fringe hairstyling for men in Bristol, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

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Growing out a fringe enables a number of awesome benefits, and more clients are utilising these with fringe hairstyling at our Gloucester Road men’s hair salon.

When a fringe is longer, it gives versatility for a number of different looks to be created. The fringe can be left down, swept-back, swept up, or swept over to one side.

Fringe hairstyling for men requires less heavy hairstyling products to create an awesome look and can be easily managed with light and workable products such as Salt Spray or Volumizing Mousse.

To find out more about hairstyling products for fringes, visit our online shop here.

Fringes with length have more movement than short clipper hairstyles such as skin fades. This gives clients more choices of styling during the Summer months.

Clipper-based hairstyles for men grow back within a few weeks and need more maintenance. A longer fringe will take around six weeks to grow out and therefore needs a low-level tidy-up on a less regular basis.

Scissor-based hairstyles such as fringe hairstyling for men also deliver a relaxed, mature and cool overall look. Our clients love the versatility it gives them.

Having a longer fringe still enables a shorter back and sides, which makes this a very comfortable hairstyle when the warmer weather hits Bristol during Summer.

If you’re considering a change for the Summer, and are unsure about whether fringe hairstyling will work for you, get in touch with the team.

We offer full and free hair consultations for men at our Bristol barber shop – visit here to find out more about why a professional consultation is so important.

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