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Hairstyle trends for men in Bristol post-lockdown

Clients visiting Franco’s Barbering Lounge recently have been asking what are the hairstyle trends for men in Bristol post-lockdown, and we’ve seen a clear winner.

hairstyle trends for men Bristol post-lockdown












Longer hairstyling for men has become the firm favourite post-lockdown, as the example above highlights from a client visit to us last week.

On the left, the pre-haircut images make it clear that our men’s hairstyling delivered an awesome result for the overall hair integrity and conditioning.

The length was kept on the top and front, after a detailed client hair consultation, with the back and sides being scissor-cut. The ends were tidied up on the top and then blended in with the sides to give a balanced look.

Moroccan Oil was also prescribed for daily use to ensure shiny, clean, and healthy hydrated longer hair for our client’s hair until his next visit.

This haircut took 40 minutes in the chair, and cost £36, including our standard Covid-19 charge for PPE and cleaning materials.

The client also requested a beard trim service, which was also delivered costing £18. Beard oil serum was worked in to provide conditioning.

The client also took away a 2-in-1 Skin Moisturiser to use daily, alongside a Beard Balm product to hydrate and de-tangle the beard on a daily basis.

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