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Perfect Summer haircut for men in Bristol – side parting low skin fade with beard trim

With the warmer weather approaching, many of our Gloucester Road barbering clients are asking what’s the perfect Summer haircut for men in Bristol this year?

And we’re recommending one of our favourite hot seasonal looks for 2019 – side parting low skin fade with beard trim, as pictured below, from a recent cut delivered in-salon for a client.

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This Summer hairstyling look for men with male grooming added in began with a lengthy and detailed hair consultation, including discussing the beard shape. The client wanted to combine a sharp hairstyle with a tidier beard.

Then the beard was conditioned using a trio of American Crew products.

American Crew Beard Balm, Beard Serum and Beard Conditioner were all used together, applied in carefully, then dried.

A round-barrelled brush was used to smooth and straighten the beard, taking out any buckles or beard kinks.

The beard was shaped, taking the fade into the beard, leaving it longer into the jaw-line, to create a more masculine shape. The moustache was also trimmed down, to finish off a perfectly-groomed beard.

Short back and sides was the preferred style, with a low skin fade worked in.

Triumph & Disaster products were used to deliver a good hold and shine but without a wet look. Ponsonby Pomade is a great product to try from their range – simply ask in-salon for details on all the men’s hair products we stock.

This side parting low skin fade with beard trim costs £40 and takes approximately 40 minutes in the chair for both the low skin fade hairstyling and beard trimming to be completed, with the addition of products.

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