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Men’s Haircut of the Month – Beard Reshaping with skin fade in Bristol

The male grooming and beard care services offered at our central Bristol barber shop have been increasingly popular throughout the year, and so our final Men’s Haircut of the Month is a focus on this – with Beard Reshaping.

beard reshaping in Bristol ar Franco's Barbering Lounge

The team of 10 barbers at Franco’s Barbering Lounge on Gloucester Road have been busier with beard grooming in recent months, and the example above of a classic Beard Reshaping service really delivered the goods.

The look above, which focused on providing an outstanding beard grooming with skin fade men’s haircut for a full new look, started with a tight back and sides in a rockabilly style.

The back and sides were taken down to zero using foilers, and then faded into the top, whilst keeping hair length on the front and short at the back.

Reuzel Pomade High Sheen was used on the hair to give great hold with shine for the client’s skin fade.

The beard sides were then tapered up to the length of the overall beard, and neatened up. The graduated taper from the top into the beard gave a strong defined look, whilst providing a simply superb beard reshaping look.

Reuzel Beard Balm and Beard Foam were used to condition the beard.

The total look – beard reshaping with skin fade – took only one hour in the chair, and was delivered for £45, including a full client hair consultation.

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