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Top three tips on getting a male celebrity haircut in Bristol

Keeping up with trends in male celebrity haircuts is important for our team of expert barbers at Bristol Barber, as many clients ask us to replicate a Hollywood haircut in our salon.

With the recent release of top movies such as Tom Cruise’s Oblivion and the imminent release of Brad Pitt’s latest film World War Z, more clients will be looking for simple and easy ways to get a male celebrity haircut in Bristol.


Our top three tips to getting a male celebrity haircut are:

* Check new movies for inspiration.

* Use your smartphone to get the latest pictures of current male celebrity haircuts. A Google search, for example, for ‘David Beckham haircuts’ will get you started! Store the images and show them to us – we’ll do the rest.

* Book in for a free hair consultation – under no obligation – so we can discuss and advise you on the best haircuts for your hair type. We can also highlight the very best hair products to use for your hair during this consultation, too.

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