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Wedding hair in Bristol for men – Bristol Barber can help!

At our central Bristol barber’s one of the services we’re finding more and more popular is that of hair consultation for men for their wedding day – after all, women do it well in advance, so why not the guys, too?

A new men’s haircut takes time to settle and look its best – ideally, up to a fortnight. Planning is key to look your best – especially on your big day.

Whether it’s a freestyle look or a classic cut, making sure that ‘the’ wedding haircut looks spot on can be a stressful exercise. We can take the stress away.

We’ll consult you on the best haircuts to go with your wedding suit and give advice on different looks, too. Plus, a hot towel shave before the main event will really give the very best image any man would want on his wedding day.

To find out more, contact us here.

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