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Spring into Spring at Francos

A BIG hello from all at franco’s!

Well the good news is, Spring is finally upon us – this all means bianchi magic!!!

(Bike rides) starts now. Wednesday around 6 pm meeting point ,out side franco’s. lets get that Lycra on .
running dates!

Bristol 10k. 15th May
I am booked in so I’ll see you on the start line!

Formula 1 season starts this weekend, big cheers to Alonso & Massa. Pay back time boys (Red Bull).
Finally, Champions League kicks off again. Final is in Wembley. Will there be an English club there?

Gloucester news! We welcome bubalu. a coffee house / gym classes / healthy snacks & juices bar.

We wish Mike the proprietor good luck as he a nice fella who is keen to make it work.

At Franco’s we are doing late nights Tue, Wed, Thur, Friday till 7 pm.

Enjoy the atmosphere , chill out and listen to the useless banter on offer as no one seems in a rush to go home.
I promise the updates will come thick and fast and look out for our new website which is due to go live very soon. Over and out!

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