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Our Barber Shop & Coronavirus


By now we’re all aware of the severity of Coronavirus, and probably exhausted from the worry of it all. Whilst we don’t want to add to the stress, we do want to let you know how we’re dealing with it here at Franco’s. We are closely monitoring daily Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates in order to act quickly and are following all advice from the Government and World Health Organisation.

Please be assured that our shop, which remains open, has already elevated our standards of hygiene. You can read about what we are doing differently below. Whilst our shop does remain open for business, as of the 17th March 2020 we have implemented social distancing measures for the benefit of all our clients, our team and our local community.

What are our social distancing measures?

  • Our team has now divided into 2 separate teams who will work on alternate days, therefore having no physical contact with each other either at work or socially. By doing this, if one person in a team or their family is affected by the virus in some way, then that whole team will self-isolate for 14 days. Meanwhile, our 2nd team will continue to provide our usual services for our clients.
  • We are also reducing the number of clients that we provide services to within our shop at any one time, to just 3 clients. By doing this we will be able to provide a 2m (6ft) distance between clients. Client waiting space will also be limited to 2 clients at any time, seated in specific chairs to maintain this 2m distance throughout the shop.

Due to our social distancing measures we strongly recommend use our online booking system to book (up to 2 weeks in advance temporarily); those who have booked will be given priority. Walk-in services will continue to be available, however are strictly dependent on a space being available within the shop. To check availability and for ‘on the day’ appointments you are very welcome to give us a ring on 0117 944 6265.

Our opening hours will be subject to change over the coming weeks, so if you haven’t booked, please check before you visit. As always, we will use our Facebook page to keep you updated and Google will always show you any changes to our opening hours.

Thank you for being a member of the Franco’s family and for your continued support during these tricky times.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

Best wishes,



What extra precautionary hygiene measures have we taken to ensure you and our team minimise any risks?

  • Soap, water and single use paper towels will be available at every barber station in addition to our bathroom, to enable our clients and our team to wash their hands regularly
  • Tissues will be provided at every barber station for clients and our team to use and we have extra pedal bins for their disposal
  • In addition to daily cleaning of our barber shop, we will be sanitising all touch points (door handles, till, card machine etc) throughout our shop at regular intervals throughout each day
  • Each barber station will be sanitised after every client; armrests, head rests and basin, tap and tools sanitised after each use
  • All towels and gowns are washed after each use
  • Hygiene posters will be displayed through the barber shop and in our bathroom
  • Magazines and newspapers will temporarily be removed – sorry!
  • We have removed our drinks trolley from the shop floor, however if you’d like something just ask us and we’ll get it for you.
  • We will not be taking payments in cash for now.
  • Any team member who has been in contact with someone who has or is suspected of being infected with Coronavirus will self-isolate and will not come into our barber shop. We kindly ask that our clients do the same.

If you have any further queries on our hygiene standards, please contact Franco or Lee.

Please note: For safety reasons, all members of our team have the right to refuse service to any client who appears to have cough, cold or flu like symptoms.